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Grant Criteria

The foundation accepts unsolicited grant requests. Both new and existing programs meeting the mission, vision and current program areas of the foundation will be considered for grant awards.

It is the intent of the founders, and the current practice of the Directors, to award grants to ministries that are visibly Christian and whose purpose is to influence people to lead a Christ centered life. Influencing people to lead a Christ centered life can be accomplished directly, through evangelism or discipleship programs, or indirectly by providing for educational, physical, and emotional needs within a Christ centered context.

The Cora Foundation’s criteria for funding include alignment with the Cora Foundation’s mission and vision statements, program areas and foundation principles. When a proposal aligns with the aforementioned criteria, funding guidelines are then applied to further narrow down the pool of selected grant seekers.

To see if your organization and program(s) align with our criteria, please begin by familiarizing yourself with the Cora Foundation under About. From there please review the Foundation Principles and Funding Guidelines.